Our new "Medium" virtual server plan incudes 2 virtual CPUs and 4 GB of RAM, which places it right in the middle between our Small and Large plans. This new option works great for busier production applications and/or multiple application environments. As with our other plans, 50 GB of data storage, powered by EBS SSD volumes, is included in the pricing.

The pricing of our "Standard" Managed Database Plan has been reduced by 30%. In addition, the underlying instance type has gained another vCPU and more memory. Currently, our managed plans include support for MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. These offerings are similar to Amazon RDS, in which customers don't have to worry about periodic maintenance. Encryption of data is applied at rest and in transit. Our service provides these additional benefits:

  • Database backups are generated using each database types' associated preferred backup tool, e.g. mongodump, mysqldump, and pg_dumpall. This makes it much easier to import backups into other environments or to extract specific chunks of schema and data.
  • Database backups can be stored up to 6 years.
  • Superadmin access can be granted to a trusted administrator at your end upon request.
  • We can assist you with database profiling and tuning.

Note: our "Micro" virtual server plan has been renamed to "Small" for better consistency.

Check out our pricing page for details.