Questions? We've compiled our frequently asked ones here.

What are the contract terms?

Healthcare Blocks subscriptions are month-to-month and can be cancelled any time. For monthly contracts, a credit card is required and will be automatically billed at the end of each billing cycle. Service usage is pro-rated per day.

Do you offer other discounts?

Annual contracts with built-in discounts are also available. We also offer promotional pricing to companies currently participating in an accelerator or incubator program.

How do I sign up?

Create an account on our setup page. You'll then receive an email from our help desk with further instructions. If you have questions or specialized requirements, contact us.

How do I get a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?

If you plan on transmitting or storing protected health information (PHI) in your Healthcare Blocks environment, then please request a BAA from us. Our review process consists of a simple checklist; in general, we can issue a BAA within 24 to 48 hours. A signed BAA is not required if you are evaluating our service or launching an environment without PHI.

What happens to my data?

Healthcare Blocks does not use, manipulate, or share your application data with third parties. In the event that access to your data is required for breach analysis or law enforcement purposes, we will obtain your written permission in advance.

Do you provide policy and procedure sets?

No, but there are many options online, from published templates to subscription-based services. We can also refer you to consultants who address the business end of HIPAA compliance.

Can you help me move my application to Healthcare Blocks?

Moving your application to the Healthcare Blocks platform is relatively easy, but we're more than happy to help if needed. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Can you help me build my app?

Please contact us with details. We've helped several organizations implement or improve their healthcare technology product.

Do you provide domain names or SSL certificates?

We do not resell domain names and certificates. However, we will help you configure these assets for your Healthcare Blocks environment. We do provide an automated solution for provisioning free certificates from the popular Let's Encrypt certificate authority as well as Amazon Web Services (some limitations apply).

Can I leverage Healthcare Blocks in Asia or the EU?

Yes, we have several implementations of our platform operating in Amazon regions outside the USA. Please contact us for additional information.

How does the Managed Database Service differ from AWS RDS?

See this product update for details.

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