Here's how our features stack up.

These aren't just features for the sake of features. We've crafted this array from the ground up to match what our customers actually need. See how it lines up with your own wishlist.

  • Hardened, secure Linux-based environment* running on top of optimized Amazon Web Services hardware
  • Encrypted data volumes for storing database files and application logs
  • Git and SSH application deployment options
  • Docker container support, secured and optimized for HIPAA workloads
  • Your choice of deployment and management solution
  • Flexible configuration options for performance, storage, and high availability
  • Compatibility with popular technology stacks powering today's Web and mobile applications
  • Restrictive access controls and persistent, extensible audit trail
  • Encryption of network traffic between nodes
  • Redundant, 24/7 monitoring of uptime and resource availability
  • Metrics Web dashboard on every server
  • Intrusion detection system with automatic lockout of nefarious activity and frequent scans of filesystem for malware and rootkits
  • Automated database backups with rotation policies; disaster recovery process for production environments
  • Every account is covered by a Business Associate Agreement and Breach Insurance
  • Our DevOps team handles security patches, performance tuning, and provides advisory services. Technical support for critical issues is available 24/7.