Table of Contents

Subscription Pricing

Healthcare Blocks services are offered as a monthly subscription. The total monthly price paid by each customer depends on the services used by that customer in a given month. Pricing for individual services and components are available on the Healthcare Blocks website, or can be obtained by contacting Healthcare Blocks staff.

Healthcare Blocks will charge each customer at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s services. Charges will be made against the credit card or other account number on file, and a summary of those charges will be sent to the customer and/or made available in the dashboard.


Customers may request changes to their hosting environment at any time, via the support desk.  In the event that a customer’s environment has been modified during the month, and when those modifications result in an increase or decrease in the monthly recurring charges, the charges will be pro-rated on a per-day basis.

Declined Payments

In the event that a payment is declined, or a payment account is no longer valid, Healthcare Blocks will immediately notify the customer, and allow 30 days for an alternative payment method to be provided. If, after the initial 30-day period, the customer is unresponsive, or has been unable to provide a payment for the services used, Healthcare Blocks may, at its discretion, suspend the customer’s use of the services until outstanding payments are made.