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Issue Reporting

All issues should be reported by customers using the Healthcare Blocks Help Desk, located at Many technical solutions are documented in our Knowledge Base, and we recommend consulting those topics first before creating a new ticket. To reduce the threat of social engineering and for auditing purposes, support is only offered online; we do not provide support over the phone or through SMS messages.

Service Level Agreements


Platform uptime is dependent on the availability of Amazon Web Services infrastructure and whether a customer has selected a high availability configuration for their environment. High availability configurations generally can meet 99.99% uptime requirements.

Technical Support

Healthcare Blocks strives to maintain the following target response and resolution times for support issues created in the help desk system during the days and times listed under Support Hours (see below).

Incident Priority

Response Time

Resolution Time


< 1 hour

< 4 hours


< 4 hours

< 12 hours


< 24 hours

< 240 hours

Support Hours

Standard support hours include the period between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Customer Communication

In order to comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, Healthcare Blocks requests that all customer support communication be handled through the provided help desk system.


For customer issues and needs which are outside the scope of Healthcare Bocks’ customer support policy, Healthcare Blocks provides consulting services.  Examples of services rendered through consulting include:

  • Application architecture

  • Software development and design

  • Data transformation

  • Custom integrations

For more information on available consulting services, contact us.