Utilize Health

“Healthcare Blocks has helped us gain the trust of clients that are scrutinizing the data security of our platform.”

John Loftis, VP of Technology and Development John Loftis, VP of Technology and Development

Success Story: Utilize Health

Utilize Heath focuses on providing a better healthcare experience for patients with spinal cord injury/disease, brain injury and cerebral palsy, resulting in cost savings for clients and increased revenue for providers. A prototype of their Web-based patient management application ran directly on Amazon Web Services, and the Utilize team decided to migrate it to the Healthcare Blocks platform in order to eliminate additional work specific to HIPAA requirements and the burden of ongoing DevOps maintenance tasks. Healthcare Blocks has helped Utilize secure their patient data and provides extensibility of their platform. 

Greater Colorado Anesthesia

“Healthcare Blocks is remarkably simpler to use compared to other platforms.”

Dr. Yasser Dahab, Director of Acute Pain Services Dr. Yasser Dahab, Director of Acute Pain Services

Success Story: Greater Colorado Anesthesia

Dr. Yasser Dahab is the Director of Acute Pain Services at Greater Colorado Anesthesia - a practice of more than 200 anesthesiologists. He is also the acting Director of Clinical Information Technology on the USAP Denver Clinical Governance Board (CGB). 

GCA has migrated several on-premise clinical applications to the Cloud via Healthcare Blocks, positively impacting their daily workflow. The automation of tasks related to HIPAA compliance that were previously done manually has resulted in significant time and cost savings.

Toxicology Management Services

“Healthcare Blocks enables our product to be HIPAA-compliant, which makes our job easier when we're selling our solution to new customers. Their team is timely, collaborative, and great to work with.”

Kevin Underwood, President Kevin Underwood, President

Success Story: Toxicology Management Services

Toxicology Management Services (TMS) provides a laboratory delivery platform ("LabSource") for thousands of physicians in the USA for monitoring patient medication intake. The platform, hosted by Healthcare Blocks, includes a software-as-a-service interface for providers and their staff and an HL7-based integration layer involving multiple laboratories. The Healthcare Blocks team has also provided assistance in the form of implementation and integration services, as TMS continues to experience rapid growth, signing on new providers and lab partners.

Strive Labs

“Healthcare Blocks makes it easy to configure and deploy new apps and has decreased our HIPAA-related workload. Their team shows an incredible level of expertise.”

Jeff Tingle, Strive Labs Jeff Tingle, Strive Labs

Success Story: Strive Labs

Strive Labs provides tools to help providers manage patients with musculoskeletal disease. Their platform has been on the market for a little over year, with customers nationwide and almost 200,000 patients under care - that number doubling every 3 months. Strive Labs was acquired by WebPT in September 2017.