Start with your preferred architecture - virtual machines, containers, serverless, hybrid. Our SRE team provisions an environment in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud that reflects your current organizational goals and assists with capacity planning, automation, and cost optimizations as you scale.


We've already figured out the hard stuff like systems hardening, intrusion detection, log aggregation, and compliance guard rails so that you can focus on deploying your applications instead of becoming an infrastructure and cybersecurity expert. We also leverage open source projects that extend the capabilities of your preferred Cloud Service Provider.


Start at less than $200 per month for low volume environments without sacrificing security and compliance. We'll identify cost-saving opportunities even when you're spending ten times that amount.

Helping Organizations During COVID-19

Telemedicine vendors such as 2nd.MD, Doxy.me, and Hippo Health have experienced dynamic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, while virtually connecting patients with providers. The Healthcare Blocks SRE team provides critical support through monitoring, scaling up/down, and optimizing production environments, so that organizations can focus on what they do best in these unprecedented times.